BlueQuartz is an enterprise software company that specializes in the development and integration of microstructure-oriented computational tools and services for the materials science and engineering community. I worked with them on the design of the next release of their software platform and usability testing of the next release. The platform allows the material scientist to customize their workspace by choosing favorite workflows and favorite filters and tagging filters to allow them to find them more easily.

It is important to streamline the process of using the software in any application to ensure the best User Experience.

With BlueQuartz we recruited existing users of their current platform to perform the usability testing. We conducted the Usability Testing remotely and recorded all the sessions. We video taped all the sessions.

The Material Scientists that we used were very impressed with the new platform and all the customization that they would be able to do with it. They said that being able to "Favorite" workspaces and filters would save them a significant amount of time. We have some follow-up testing planned for later this year.
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