case study FiVerity
Work as the lead UX designer and Usability Specialist for this software company that enables fraud officers at small to medium sized banks discover fraudulent applications before they are approved.

case study GE Digital (Vernova)
As the lead usability specialist at GE Digital (Vernova), conducted many usability studies to understand the challenges that users have with their software.

GE Digital
case study BlueQuartz
Worked with this enterprise software company to design the next release of their software platform and perform Usability Testing on the new release.

case study
Worked with this local start-up to perform Usability Testing on their new web offering.

Insidr Paris

case study Insidr Paris
Spent a sabbatical year in Paris and helped this start-up with their new mobile app.

Insidr Paris

case study Mobile App For Paint Nite
Created a wireframe for a mobile app for Paint Nite.  Paint Nite has a web-based app but no mobile app.  They are looking to build a mobile app and asked for me to create a wireframe showing the possibilities.

Paint Nite

                      case study
Using Agile Framework For Design Delivery
Client was working under stringent Agile Framework timetable.All the Sprints had been laid out.  The initial design needed to be complete within the first two sprints.  Client laid out the problem set on the first day.  We had daily scrums.  We conceptualized a solution that could be delivered within ten weeks of development.   We created wire frames in Axure,  presented these to the whole team, and repeated the process for two weeks.  We were able to complete the design in two sprints.


                      case study
Legacy System Overhaul
A large investment bank had a legacy system that had been functioning for almost 20 years on the desktop.  It was time to overhaul the process and supporting back-end system.  We met with the client to get the history of the system and understand their vision for the future.  Inside of a week, we were able to create wire frames to showcase how the new system would look and function.


                      case study
Mobile Application Feedback Loop
A brand new mobile application was launched on iOS. I was a tester for this new application.  While the application was very good, it still had some shortcomings. I worked together with the developers of the app and we devised a solution.  In the next beta release, they included a live feedback feature.  When you found a bug in the application, you could press your finger anywhere on the screen.
    The phone would then vibrate and the screen would show RECORDING
    You say what the application should have done.
    Lift your thumb up to stop recording

Your voice notes were sent to the developers automatically and they used them to improve the application.  This is a great feedback mechanism and should be used by all apps on the iphone and android.


                      case study
Online Customer Portal
Spearheaded a new online portal for high volume customers of the leading online supplier of printed and promotional material and marketing services.  The new portal allowed customers to log in easily, place orders for recurring items, and see rewards earned for their business.


                      case study
Dynamic Content
I developed a Safari plug-in to scroll web pages automatically when you visit them. This eliminates the need for manual scrolling.  The web pages scroll their content for you making it quick and easy to view all the content without needing to scroll.
You can easily toggle the auto-scroll on and off.