GE Digital
Storm Assist

GE Digital (Vernova) is an enterprise company that specializes in the development of software used by utilities
all over the world. I serve as the usability specialist to conduct quantitative and qualitative research to help them
understand the challenges their customers face.

One study we conducted in 2022 helped GE Digital (Vernova) see how that their software did not allow their
customers to see important information needed to assess critical situations. Based on this study, GE Digital
(Vernova) was able to make important changes to the software.

Also during this study, we also showed the participants various ways to see notifications.
Based on their preferences, we implemented new ways of showing notifications.

It is important to uncover defects of all software used in any application to ensure the best User Experience.

With GE Digital (Vernova) we recruited existing users from utilities all over the world. We conducted the
Usability Testing remotely and recorded all the sessions. We video taped all the sessions.

The customers that we used were very happy that we uncovered the defect that prevented them from seeing
the difference between when orders were placed and when they were last updated. They were impressed
that we would fix it in the next release. We have some follow-up testing planned for later this year.
Here is the application we were testing. It is used to understand orders that were placed with the utility. Storm Assist
Storm Assist
We fixed this in the next release by using tool tips to show the difference between when an order was
placed versus when it was last updated.
Storm Assist
These are the 4 different styles of notifications that we tested:
Storm Assist
Storm Assist
Storm Assist
Storm Assist