Insidr Paris is a local start-up that provides a safe and secure way to manage the multitude of email addresses we all have to communicate with friends, family, and untold web offerings.

Uncovering the pitfalls and stumbling blocks in the User Experience of any application or web services is a necessary component to ensure success of the product or offering.

I joined up with to help them with the roll out of their new web service. In doing so, the founder wanted to understand how people perceived the product and how they would use it. To do this, we formulated a plan to conduct a Usability Test of First we would look at what people thought when they came to the sight. Then we would look at the steps required for someone to sign up and come on board. Finally we would look at the process for obtaining a new email address and using it.

We conducted a Usability Testing on their initial offering in 2018. We performed the Usability Test with 7 participants. The participants were asked to perform a series of tasks and "think out loud" as they went about their work. We video taped all the sessions.

People were very impressed with the service but had some difficulty in understanding exactly how it worked. Reading about the offering on the website was also difficult due to rotating text. Once they got passed this and signed up, they were able to formulate new email addresses and give these out as needed. Based on the findings from the testing, has made significant changes to the site and offering and has received positive reviews.